Pop Up outdoor Acro Classes in LA

With Los Angeles still under a very restrictive phase, many dancers & studios are struggling to keep dancers moving; setting up in parking lots and other areas that make an acro class very difficult to offer. With Acro Arts Certification and over 20 years of teaching experience, Brenda Bobby is offering Pop Up Acro Classes open to all students in Los Angeles & surrounding areas. Classes will be offered on a first come, first served basis, limited to 10 participants in each class, and will require pre-registration/payment. Class is offered to intermediate level acro students ages 8-14yrs. Here are the details for the pop up classes in November & December:

Pop Up Class Dates: Sunday November 22 @ 11am / Sunday December 6 @ 11am / Saturday December 19 @4pm

Portable, affordable mat for students to bring to class.
  1. Open to students 8-14yrs of age
  2. Intermediate level ( must be able to execute a backbend & recover, cartwheel both sides, and balance on one leg for 30 seconds without wobbling).
  3. Pre-registration and payment is required. To pre-register, email forms to: brendabobby2018@gmail.com
  4. Cost: $25 per student (Venmo or Zelle)
  5. Each student must bring their own equipment: small mat, yoga block, water bottle, sanitizer/ wipes
  6. Masks are not required when on your own mat ( they will be spaced for safety)
  7. Classes will be 75 minutes each. Time and exact location will be confirmed via email 1 day prior. Pop up classes will be held Saturday afternoons, Sundays and during some holiday breaks.

How Class Will Work:

-Arrive 5-10 minutes early. There will be a spot marked with your name, set up your mat and be ready to start on time, use restroom before class, no one will be allowed to leave during the 75 minute class.

-Brenda will begin promptly and start with warm up: cardio, flexibility, and strengthening drills. We will then move in to balance exercises and skills, limbering and tumbling. Brenda will be available for spotting individuals when requested, but will encourage participants to work to their “edge”, and be in control of their body (and trick). Progressive teaching model will allow each student to work at their level and allow a safe and effective class with little “down time”.

-Water breaks will be given periodically, no food/snacks allowed. Bathrooms are not available so please plan accordingly.

-Parents are welcome to stay, but are asked to observe from a distance for the safety and focus of participants.

-Any participant that is disruptive or attempts working on skills that are considered potentially dangerous (by Brenda) will be asked to fold up mat and sit out for the remainder of the class.

-The last 10-15 minutes will be “free choice” and student will get to chose what they work on. During this time, I will provide some alternative exercises for those that require my spotting for execution.

Please Note: While Acro and gymnastics look like the same thing, the approach, equipment, and technique of tricks are VERY different. Please respect the decisions I make for students in my class regardless of other coach’s recommendations. I gain NOTHING from holding a student back, but LOSE if the student is injured from attempting skills they are not ready to do based on the acro technique taught in my class. Confidence and consistency is the key to success!

Ready to register? Contact Brenda for forms and details…https://brendabobby.com/contact/

Want to create your own “pop up pod”? Gather 4-8 friends and contact me for pricing & availability.

Want one on one acro training? I do private in home (backyard), or community area training sessions. One time, or weekly sessions available. Contact me for more information.

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