Acceler8 Training Program Overview

 Program includes:

PBT, TRX, Neurokinetic Therapy, & Bio Mechanics training for dancers with Brenda Bobby, certified instructor with over 25 years of experience.

  • Equipment : Fusion ball, exercise ball, resistance loops, 9 ft stretch band, 2 yoga blocks, gliders, fascia roller ball
  • convenient and accessible: I can come to you or we can meet in studio space.
  • Opportunities to network with the professional dance community and build your social media presence and following to help self promote & connect with like minded individuals
  • Track progress visually and internally with photos, videos and measured training markers
  • Build your strength and stamina both physically, mentally & emotionally in a very focused, structured, non competitive environment
  • Learn to respect the process, and not just go for the end result, thus helps create balanced dancers with less injury

Private Training Sessions : On Location $125/hr