About Me: Who I am, Where I’ve been and Where I’m going

Brenda Bobby and her 4 children: Tyler, Dylan, Ellie & Jack ( and dog Trevor)

Who I am: I am a business owner, educator, mother, partner, adventure seaker, and truth teller who isn’t afraid to fail. I have 4 fabulous kids that support their crazy mother and her dreams and goals, even if it is not a conventional family life. I am an only child who is not afraid to be resourceful in my pursuit to get what I want. I am someone who values our most precious resource ( time), and have learned that making time to fill my own cup, allows me to provide endless refills for all those around me. I love chocolate almost as much as dance, and incorporate fitness, yoga, meditation and personal development into my daily routine. I may have excellent balance on the dancefloor, but have struggled in my personal life to find balance and I am working on that each and every day.

Pictured left: Lizzy’s first dance class age 3 Pictured right: Same student HS Senior & now graduate of Pace University Commercial Dance Program.

Where I’ve Been: I grew up dancing in upstate NY starting at the age of 3. I went on to attend State University of NY at Brockport where I earned a BS in Dance and Health Sciences. My second year of college, I found out I was pregnant and refocused my dance career from an aspiring performer to studio owner & teacher. It had always been my lifelong dream to own a studio, so it felt like the perfect solution to this short lived dance career. I owned and taught at my own studio (Pittsford Dance Studio) for over 20 years in NY. I started as a one man show, fresh out of college, as a single mom. I opened my studio on credit cards ( because I was broke & no one would give me a loan). I grew my business by creating an experience that everyone wanted to be part of in the small upscale suburb where my studio was located. My first year in business, I was robbed over the Christmas break ( all studio equipment GONE), then evicted 2 months later do to “noise pollution” (ie: tap dancing about another tenant). I did not let that first tragic year steal my dream. After a decade in business, I moved my studio into a 8,000 sq ft stand alone building, that was gutted and built from my design. By year 15, I had well over 300 students, roughly 100 competitive students and a national championship team. I started to feel like I had accomplished my “big scary goal” and started to ask myself… now what. I began judging for Hall of Fame Dance Challenge and it quickly grew to be my “new thing”. I was burned out of studio ownership, and really wanted something more than repeating the same thing year after year. After 20 years in business, I decided to close my studio after nationals and began to explore what would be my next “big scary goal” would be. I was recently divorced, and my kids were old enough for me move into other directions and were used to mom being on the road for work. The following year I moved to Miami for a residency position with a private studio, helping build their program and share my teaching knowledge with their staff. Since then, I have written a book, taught group dance fitness classes at Equinox & YogaWorks in NYC, RAC for Women in Rochester, NY. I began teaching master classes and setting choreography at private studios in NY, NJ, CT.   I obtained Acro Arts certification, and continue to look for new ways to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Where I am Going: I currently reside in Downtown LA, but travel often with Hall of Fame Dance as a judge. I frequently go back NY and the east coast to teach master classes, workshops and to visit family and friends. I am teaching in California but I want to share my knowledge and experiences with other dance educators, so I have developed BrendaBobby.com, a place to connect and cultivate relationships with other dance professionals. I am currently working on my second book, and the dance teacher toolbox, a quarterly membership providing teacher resources, studio owner incentives, and a personal bonus gift for subscribers, because we deserve it!

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge Judging Panel for Las Vegas Nationals.