About Me: Who I am, Where I’ve been and Where I’m going

Who I am: I am a business owner, educator, mother, adventure seeker, and truth teller who isn’t afraid to fail. I have 4 fabulous kids that support their crazy mother and her dreams and goals, even if it is not a conventional family life. I am an only child who is not afraid to be resourceful in my pursuit to fulfill my goals. I am someone who values our most precious resource ( time), and have learned that making time to fill my own cup, allows me to provide endless refills for all those around me. I love chocolate almost as much as dance, and incorporate fitness, yoga, meditation and personal development into my daily routine. I may have excellent balance on the dancefloor, but have struggled in my personal life to find balance, and I am working on that each and every day.

Pictured left: Lizzy’s first dance class age 3 Pictured right: Same student HS Senior & now graduate of Pace University Commercial Dance Program.

Where I’ve Been: I grew up dancing in upstate NY starting at the age of 3. I went on to attend State University of NY at Brockport where I earned a BS in Dance and Health Sciences. My second year of college, I found out I was pregnant and refocused my dance career from an aspiring performer to studio owner & teacher. It had always been my lifelong dream to own a studio, so it felt like the perfect solution to this short lived dance career. I owned and taught at my own studio (Pittsford Dance Studio) for over 20 years in NY. I started as a one man show, fresh out of college, as a single mom. I opened my studio on credit cards ( because I was broke & no one would give me a loan). I grew my business by creating an experience that everyone wanted to be part of in the small upscale suburb where my studio was located. My first year in business, I was robbed over the Christmas break ( all studio equipment GONE), then evicted 2 months later due to “noise pollution” (ie: tap dancing above another tenant). I did not let that first tragic year steal my dream. After a decade in business, I moved my studio into a 8,000 sq ft stand alone building, that was gutted and built from my design. By year 15, I had well over 300 students, roughly 100 competitive students and a national championship team. I started to feel like I had accomplished my “big scary goal” and started to ask myself… now what. I began judging for Hall of Fame Dance Challenge and it quickly grew to be my “new thing”. I was burned out of studio ownership, and really wanted something more than repeating the same thing year after year. After 20 years in business, I decided to close my studio after nationals and began to explore what would be my next “big scary goal”. I was recently divorced, and my kids were old enough for me to move into other directions and were used to mom being on the road for work. The following year I moved to Miami for a residency position with a private studio, helping build their program and share my teaching knowledge with their staff. Since then, I have written a book, taught group dance fitness classes at Equinox & YogaWorks in NYC, RAC for Women in Rochester, NY. I began teaching master classes and setting choreography at private studios in NY, NJ, CT, and CA. I have sat on the judging panel for many competitions and events including: Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Empire Dance Challenge, The Countdown Competition, In10sity Dance, and assisted in scouting for the Bloc Agency’s youth department.  I obtained Acro Arts certification, and continue to look for new ways to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Most recently, I became certified in Progressing Ballet Technique and have completed my DanceMed Pro apprenticeship to become a clinician under Dr. Alexis Sams. In 2021, I had the opportunity to work at Bloc Talent Agency, one of the best agencies in Hollywood for dancers and choreographers (legends like Mandy Moore, Nick DeMoura, Rich & Tone, Fatima Robinson & Justin Peck). I was exposed to the ins & outs of the business and gained a clearer understanding of the commercial dance industry. During the pandemic, I found myself needing more mindfulness and self discovery and began my studies in yoga, meditation, breath work, and energy healing. I have completed my YTT 200 hrs, YogaFit Kids, Trauma Informed Yoga Certification, Holy Fire Reiki level 1 & 2, and currently completing certifications in meditation and Kundalini.

Where I am Going: I currently reside in Santa Monica, CA but travel often as a judge, educator & consultant. I frequently go back NY and the east coast to teach master classes, workshops and to visit family and friends. I am teaching Beach Yoga on Santa Monica Beach daily. I currently hold monthly Live interactive workshops for teachers to share their knowledge and experience and have worked with teachers all over the world including Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Dance will always be my first love, but as I evolve and expand my studies, I consider myself a movement specialist, not limiting my reach to share with a label of a particular area of study. I have begun to pivot my focus to more mindfulness and energy work though Yoga, meditation, breath work, & Reiki. I currently teach at UCLA both dance and yoga, along with leading wellness programs at the UCLA hospital, and for campus staff. This winter, I was invited to do a yoga residency in Punta Cana for 6 weeks. In 2023, I will be to offering private one on one and group retreats in LA and abroad.

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge Judging Panel for Las Vegas Nationals.