Working with Me

  • Consulting & Teacher Training
  • Master Classes & Intensives
  • Private Instruction

Private Instruction: Private sessions can be booked for those looking to excel their skills in yoga, dance, fitness, acro, & flexibility. Private instruction can be requested for a one time session, weekly or monthly lesson. I can help you with an audition piece, clean and improve your routines, work on a particular skill or just general technique & refined execution. I am also certified in Holy Fire Reiki level 1 & 2 and can do energy work for individuals. Private sessions can be done in person, or virtually.

30, 60 & 90 minute Private Lessons Available

Why Hire a Consultant? Over the last 2 decades I have probably experienced just about every scenario possible. Some I dealt with correctly, but I often made costly mistakes professionally, personally & financially. Having a consultant allows you to grow your business and work on creating the studio environment you want. Whether its advice on how to handle landlords, difficult parents, enforcing policies, increasing enrollment, creating a culture, or making money AND an impact, a consultant can help you get there faster with less trial and error. My first hand experience in a small town setting allows me to understand and connect with studios in all regions.

Teacher Training: Why do teachers need training? A great teacher is a forever student. New concepts, methods and creative ways to bring knowledge to dancers should be an ongoing process for all dance educators. In the era of social media, I have found “tricks & pics” to be an area where students need correct guidance on proper placement and form in order to avoid injury. Acro, in particular, has become very popular and I want to help dance teachers provide safe and correct ways to incorporate acro into dance. I always encourage sharing each other’s gifts/methods during teacher training to create a very interactive experience. As a studio owner, I always made it a priority to attend the Dance Teacher Summit each year to “recharge”. I wanted to create a similar experience in a more personal setting I have found doing small group teacher training benefits all participants regardless of age, experience and knowledge.

I LOVE to teach, train & connect with dancers and educators. I can work with you in whatever way makes sense for your needs: Master Classes, Private Lessons, Teacher Training, Choreography, Critiques for Competitive dancers, Studio Owner Consulting, or anything else I can share with you.

Master Classes & Intensives: Whether you are looking to spice up your current schedule with a master class, or have an intensive for a particular style or theme, I can create a meaningful, fun and informative experience for your dancers. I particularly like to teach master classes in technique, incorporating placement and posture along with strength and flexibility training to help dancers improve their balance, extensions, leaps, turns and transitions.

LIVE Teacher Training Workshops via Facebook LIVE!
Teacher Training Workshops via Facebook LIVE!