Acceler8 Train to be YOUR best!

It’s no secret that LA is the place to be for cutting edge commercial dance. Home to the best and up and coming choreographers, dancers in SoCal have amazing opportunities to take class and keep up with the latest dance trends. Many are already working in “the business” . In the age of INSTA everything, the process of training seems to be a lost art, yet is essential to really have a long, healthy, successful career . Seeing this obstacle, I have created a training program for the focused, serious dancer to keep working technique while not missing out on other opportunities. Acceler8 is a 2 hour per week training program using a blend of methods and my 25 years of teaching experience that focuses on proper alignment, posture, rotation, flexibility, core stability and strength. This program is not meant to replace a studio training program, but enhance technical training . The Inaugural Session begins in 2020. Dancers from anywhere in LA can apply for the program. For more information, or to apply for the program, please contact me directly. Space is limited to 8 dancers per session.

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