Acro board game: Homework for dancers during social distancing….

This is a VERY stressful time for everyone, and when things get tough our first priority is to stay healthy! That doesn’t mean that students cannot work at home on structured activities. I have put together a little game for dancers / acro students with the focus being on core stability, balance, & flexibility. The board has 25 activities (most are holding postures) that can be done in living room or bedroom. When the board is completed correctly it should take about an hour to complete ( about the same length as a class). All of the exercises can be helpful to all levels of dancers and you can make more advanced progressions if necessary, ie: side plank ( advanced version may have student lift top leg and hold with big toe to hand). Non dancers can also play along: siblings, babysitters, mom, dad…. I will create another for next week should we still need to shift our classroom to home schooling again. Stay positive, and use this time to enjoy the ‘break’ from normalcy.

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