Summer reading lists for teachers: Personal Development, Business guidance and relationship insight.

What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Reading? Who has time to read these days? And while its true reading does take time, modern technology has made reading something you can do while driving, cooking, or getting ready for your day. Taking time to invest in yourself and your business can be done right from you smart phone or tablet and might just be that thing you needed to take yourself, your relationship or your business to the next level.

Remember at the end of the school year, when you couldn’t wait to be homework free, then you were hit with the dreaded Summer Reading List? I never enjoyed reading and rarely got through more than one or 2 books on those lists each year. But as I became an adult, I discovered audio books and it changed my life. I began with a personal development book that a friend “gifted” from Audible. I always hated the idea of self help, but the term personal development was a title that I found more positive and acceptable. I started the audio book while driving in my car. Instead of  music, I could listen to a chapter or 2 each day just running my daily errands. After that first book, I was hooked. Not only for personal development, but for business development and relationships as well. 

As a studio owner, I often took it to heart when a student left or a teacher decided to quit. I was constantly questioning myself and wondered if I was getting any of it right. I struggled to view the studio as a business, and consequently did not make a profit the way a business should. So after that first book, Eat That Frog, I started to look at other titles that I identified with. I joined Audible, a subscription based app for 1000s of titles at your fingertips. After nearly 3 years as an Audible member, I thought maybe there are others that needed that gift that I got years ago. So if you don’t have your list, here are some of my personal favorites to get you started on your summer reading.

Because I often did not think of the studio as a business, I was often robbing Peter to pay Paul, and dreaded the summer like the plague. Shifting my mindset and thinking more like a business woman made a huge difference in development and productivity.

Some of my favorites on Business Development & Productivity:

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

The 12 Week Year

Eat that Frog

The Power of Habit

Dare to Lead/ Daring Greatly

As most artists are, I was very critical of myself.  Although I seemed like I had it all together from an outsiders perspective, I constantly questioned my abilities as a businessperson, artist, educator, and parent. Is easy to feel alone and insecure and these things are often taboo subjects, but reading and hearing other people’s experiences and perspectives really helped me regain confidence in myself and all areas of my life.

Some of my favorite Titles on Personal Growth & Development:

The Gifts of Imperfection

Girl Wash Your Face

The Secret

Rising Strong/ Daring Greatly

Relationships are one of the most difficult things to manage. Relationships with parents, students, staff, family, community members, peers and haters really can push your emotional boundaries. These 3 books by far, have changed the way I live and view interpersonal relationships and because of their powerful reminders I re read these books several times each year.  Some of my favorites on Interpersonal Relationships:

The 4 Agreements

5 Love Languages

Braving the Wilderness

I find Audible a great tool that is convenient and easy to use. They have a great program that allows members to gift a free book to friends who are not yet members. I would love to share one of my favorite with you, so leave me a comment or message me and I will send you your first (hopefully of many) audio books you can add to that summer reading list!

Do you have a favorite book that you would like to share?  I would love to discover more titles in the personal/business development area. Drop a comment below, and I will check your must reads this summer too!

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