Teacher Training Workshops: FACEBOOK LIVE

Over the summer I hosted my first Acro Workshop for Teachers. After watching acro added to almost every genre of dance while judging for Hall of Fame, I decided that I would like to help others use the tools I have learned and developed over the last 20 years of teaching. I am a HUGE advocate of safe training. I know that no teacher intends to harm their dancer, but without the knowledge and tools, acro is one of those styles that can have lasting negative effects, if not taught properly.

My first workshop in August was very well received, and sold out in my small hometown in Upstate NY. After the event, so many attendees asked when I would hold another. I knew that I wanted to continue to connect and work with other dancer educators, but didn’t want to be on the road so much. I had contemplated doing a podcast or vlog, but I wasn’t sure I would reach the right audience without a following, so I decided I would try LIVE facebook workshops.

My in- person event was a very general presentation and I was not able to cover all that I wanted. And to be honest, not everyone wanted the same material. I decided to focus on one specific “trick” for each LIVE session. This way, teachers can sign up for only the information they are looking for. This structure allowed my to make it very affordable and cover alot of material in one hour. I knew that dance teachers have little “extra” money, but I wanted to charge a registration fee to create some accountability for those registered. Keeping the fee to $15 per workshop seemed fair and allowed me to cover my time and expenses as well. My first LIVE event I sold tickets through Eventbrite as well as Venmo. I decided to try the venmo exclusively this time, because it is easier and costs me less. I may decided to use eventbrite agin the future when the attendance is too much for me to handle independently. I still wonder if people felt more secure when using a ticketing vendor, let me know below which registration method you would prefer.

My first LIVE event was September 13, 2019 on Cartwheels and Side Ariels. I expected maybe 5-10 people to sign up. When over 25 people (from as far as Germany and Australia) registered for that first event, I knew that I was filling a void that was needed and got the bug to create more events. Digitally I am somewhat slow, but doing the event via a private facebook group LIVE was the easiest way for me to get started and for participants to engage. I hope to learn and grow so that I can eventually host these events in a more professional platform, but for now Facebook is working. ( IF it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it).

My second event is Oct 4, 2019 and focus is back bending and back handsprings. I plan to offer these live workshops as long as there is a demand for them. IF you have a topic you would be interested in discussing in one of these live workshops, drop a comment or email me!

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