games to love this valentine’s month

On again, off again…Zoom class, in person class, social distance class, it can be hard to keep class fun, challenging and engaging for both teachers and students. I have found playing a fun game at the end of class, or giving a homework challenge can keep everyone working and growing.

Creating action boards have been a great tool to use for multiple games and allow students to select the skills on their boards. I have acro boards, flexibility boards, strength/conditioning boards, ballet boards, and turning boards (not the turn boards that teach flat footed pirouettes though…lol). Game boards include: BINGO, Tick Tack Toe, Dice Challenge, and Roll & Win.

Laminating the boards allow them to be reused and creating different level boards are great for classes with multiple levels. If you are interested in getting boards for your class, contact me asap!

Each month in 2021 I am creating a calendar challenge, January was a Back Bending Challenge. February is a Hand Balancing Challenge. Each day depicts a balance challenge for students. You can incorporate this as homework or even use it as a marketing tool for your studio by asking students to post pictures of their challenge pose and tag the studio. You can also create a #hashtag to build visibility for your studio.

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